Final Blog Post: reflect on what you have learned this year in class

Learning to Learned.

What I have learned this year in class?

Well, I would have to say I learned to read more books that are not really the genre I like. I mean, like, I normally wouldn’t pick up Dracula or like Grendel or even Beowulf of library nor bookstore selves. I like going to bookstores or even the library to read books regarding the genre I like. Fiction books that are based on society today. Like 1Q84. Anyways, this year have been a learned to make another adjustments regarding my lifestyle. I realized how “unfit” I am at writing. My grammar is way out of line. I mean, you would even notice right now. My grammar just sucks. In fact that I have never learned how to read and write English in America. It’s not as good as people I hang around with. Especially, with some friends, I feel I am way behind. And well, I blame the fact on myself since first of all, I don’t read as much as I did 3 years ago. 3 years ago, I would have read over a hundred books. From novels to cook books anything available. But since then, I my love towards books have quite disappeared. I should say… And now I barely, rarely read books. I read like what one every 3 months. Like 4 novels per year (without the novels we read at school).

Oh and regarding the books, I also learned this year to prepare for discussions. I mean like in table groups discussion with your peers and how to even lead a discussion. At the beginning of the year I had no idea how to lead discussions. I mean, it was us, students, standing where Ms. P is. And that is like a jump from middle to high school. A whole new? level?? anyways, I think this year I learned to challenge myself and learned how to lead discussions. I have learned a lot from the student led discussions. Looking at how my peers and I make mistakes made me realize the wrong? factors and how it feels like to be in both teachers and student’s shoes.

Well, I like 2010 English F block and will miss it!


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SAT BIO 800 What was your strategy?

1) Get a review book. I recommend Princeton Review. My teacher had let me borrow a review book for a day because I wanted to look through it before buying one (I believe the one she lent me was made be REA). I tried studying a section, and it took me almost 1 hour to do only six pages. Today I went to the store, and looked through the review books. The one that I liked the best was Princeton Review. I had heard good things about it. When I got home today, I started doing the same topic I tried to study in the other book, and I was able to get through half the section (about 10 pages) in only 45 minutes (I was taking notes on looseleaf at the same time, so that’s pretty good). It even has “Quick Quizzes” after each set of 2 or 3 pages, so you can make sure you are absorbing what you are learning. So, try to get Princeton Review. If not, I hear good things about Kaplan’s. Try that, maybe.

2) Take a practice test from the review book. This will show you which topics you need to concentrate on most. For me, it’s ecology, since we have yet to even cover this in biology (I’m in honors bio too).

3) Concentrate on the sections that you didn’t do so well on in the test. Try taking notes on looseleaf or in a notebook, and paraphrase what it says in the book (i.e., write it in different words, use charts, etc.). This really helps you memorize, since not only are you seeing it, but you are writing it too.

4) Go back and study other topics. If you really know what you are studying, skim through the reading and do the Quick Quizzes or other questions. SPEND THE MOST TIME ON THE THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW. I can’t emphasize that enough. Don’t study things that you already remember perfectly from biology.

5) Take another practice test. Once again see what you are doing badly on, and try to re-study this/these section(s).

6) Take one more practice test! Sparknotes offers 1 free practice test, so try there. (They also have a free study guide online, so you can use that for some reinforcement.)

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Connections Between Society and BNW (Brave New World)?

Before and After Ford.

Novel ‘ Brave New World ‘ is a book with science advancement and not only the life which the human being are materialized but  also the life which is mentally completely controlled to a standard. The society as a whole is beautifully operated, providing individuals in compliance with the force of science creates. The happy completely satisfied Utopia is a talked hereupon. As a kind of a future scientific novel the kinds of meaning and this world is expect to be probably not, which proceeds in the scientific development. Ecosystem which leads a serious environmental contamination, inhuman actual condition also the same social problem is included even on the actual condition outside which is unusual weather etc. physical and direct. The development of science bears and when seeing with problem points, us the future society and makes the appearance make which is melancholy is from the New World which the `is more beautiful this year more and ‘ the map does not know. The future society of this novel inside more is having the feature of few thing but. The manufacture which `human beings is standardized rightly ‘ comes and “to make go to extremes is to be a society `which is stabilized. These knead development of science and, they are results which are negative. This book leads and I feeling four times where the science advances with the extreme is extremely pursues the convenience of the human being the society is the human being has and misses a beautiful mind assuredly and holds but the development of the case science which will overlook this is made to think that means that becomes the poison the profit knows in the human being and, is a thing.

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“Dracula’s Guest” and Dracula.

Q: Compare the chapter “Dracula’s Guest” with the published version of Stoker’s work. What is similar to Dracula? What is different? What elements of the Gothic genre can be found in this piece? Is it better or worse than the published version? Explain.

A: okay, so who is Dracula’s Guest? Well, that won’t really be a good answer to this question haha. Well,  the movie Dracula actually very different from the book Dracula. And by the way I think the Dracula’s guest is Renfield. The movie and the book I think had all the Gothic elements but it seemed that the purpose of Renfield was quite different. He is portrayed to be a landlord or something and becomes crazy and now Johnathan is replacing for him. But it all depends on your movie taste, because I thought it was, no offense, very pathetic. I mean obviously the movie version is much shorter and less detailed. But what can you say. It is a movie. A rather cliche one.

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AP. Adavanced Placement bibi(:



YAY!!!!!!!!!! AP IS OVER.


hahaha. I have to now watch like 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, 10 episodes of Trauma, 5 episodes of Miami Medical, 2 episode each for Gossip Girl and 90210. I love watching these.

You don’t have to think, you don’t have to talk. You just watch and get into your own world with the fictional characters.

That’s the beauty of TV shows. The scriptors write with themes that are not only interesting but are around you.

You are like another character in that particular story. Oh! another beauty is that you you visually see it.

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Ap. D-day 18

OMG. 18 days. 432 hours left. OMG.

OK. I think I can do this?


Truthfully, I say it again. I procrastinate to much.

I didn’t study until like two days before. I had no idea what chemosynthesis, cAMP…..

But a part of me is still relaxed.

I really need to be motivated but I can’t. WAHWAHWAHWAH

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I like learning because…

Learning, means acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, preferences or understanding, and may involve synthesizing different types of information.

Learning, means going to school.

Learning, means simply memorizing and understanding the new concepts to apply and help later in life.

Learning, means how smart one person is.

We test ourselves to limit, or maybe not.

We learned how to eat, to brush your teeth, to read, to write and the list goes on…

We learn through out our whole lives.

Right now, I am learning how to write about why I like learning.

I never hated learning. It is fun to learn. To know about new things. To realize how big and civilized our world have become.

I like learning because learning makes you realize who you are, where you stand and how you are going to shape yourself.

Learning means, shaping yourself. Learning means the first step to take before you become a grown up. Learning means you are humanizing.

Learning means…We live.

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What is your biggest weakness (in general, not necessarily English or class specific) and what do you do to work on it?

“Okay. I admit it. ” are maybe the two hardest words to say in world.

One, because especially because saying yes to the something, the something you don’t really want to admit about. Whether it is your grades or your relationship, or your self esteem. Come on gals and guys. It is the true. It is SO EASY to say “OKAY. I ADMIT IT!!!” (yeah, I totally admit this is a joke.)

Two, we humans don’t like to admit stuff.

Well, off the fun… and lets talk more about me. My biggest weakness, I say it all the time, is word choice. I personally say they are the most painful irritating things in the world (to me). Not regarding the fact that they are apparently the one that needs to use your head around for 99% of the time, but also one of the things you need repetitive training on. AKA a lot and a lot of writing practices in order to achieve a 5 out of 5 credit in word choice.

But what I also do admit, is the lack of effort that I have put in writing. I don’t really write. I do read a lot of books in Korean. Well, I say reading books in English test and Korean text are different. Especially when it comes to word choices. Korean, has a tendency to have words and metaphors for everything. Some of the words don’t exist in English. I say, Korean has more “color” in words. It’s something like Chinese. But what I meant to say is that, because of my reading habit (reading in Korean), I have less chance to learn sentence patterns or words naturally through reading. So, I will improve and somehow make myself interested in English literature and will, hopefully, make myself write more to improve in the HUGE field of writing.

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Dracula Movie (1931 vs 1992)

Movies were produced ever since the 1900s. They give us both the visual and literature aspect. During our so called snow-make up days we have watched “some of” both films. So how this rolls is, I’ll refer to the Dracula film released on 14 February 1931 the “old” Dracula and the one released 13 November 1992 on as the “latest” Dracula film. Now, everything settled, lets compare & contrast!

First of all the old Dracula:

It starts off with a gentlemen, that most of us assumed was Jonathan, on a coach heading towards Castle Dracula. He arrives in Borgo Pass and greeted by Count Dracula’s coach. And as soon as he steps into the castle, Dracula greets Jonathan, I mean Renfield. Yes, Renfield. I didn’t miss type or anything. It is Renfield. Unlike the book, where the readers don’t have any clue how or why Renfield is insane, movies provides kindly with an explanation that Renfield is the first one to be at the Castle but gets insane and crazy; therefore, Jonathan takes over Rendfield’s job. How convenient! Anyways, the days go and somehow Renfield and Dracula takes the boat ‘the Vesta’ to England. But on the ship, Dracula eats (i meant) suck and drinks the passengers blood and ends up making everyone dead. Something like that. Sadly we only had time until where Count Dracula greets Renfield so… the next new version.

The latest Dracula:

This one starts off with a behind story of why Dracula became Dracula. It was the year 1462. Some kind of war occured against Count Dracula’s land and the Turks. Prince Dracula had left his wife Elizabeta to participate in the battle. Although, Dracula was well alive, Elizabeta received a scam letter from the Turk and believed her husband to be dead. She suicides into a river below her Castle (to my understanding). Dracula comes back, and finds his lover dead (i personally don’t know how they retrieved Madame’s body). The Bishop claims her soul damned since she committed suicide however, this drives Dracula more and  repudiate the God and the Church.
The time passes, it is 1897. Jonathan Harker, the law clerk must visit Transylvania (Count Dracula) to deal with some kind of   sale he (Count) has purchased. Jonathan and Mina agrees to marry after his return. Mina, with Jonathan’s absence, goes to visit with her not-so-slutty but rich friend Lucy. And the bell rang. So that was it. That is all we saw and heard.

I would say these two had a quite a lot of differences from the real text.


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What do you LOVE? What are you passionate about? Tell us about it!

Loving is having a intense feeling and deep affection towards something. It might be ice cream, your doll, your boy friend fianace, blah blah.

Having passion and being passionate is a thing that arouse your enthusiasm. It is like you love the ice cream but you are passionate about “eating” the ice cream. (Did that make sense?)

What I am trying to say is that, loving and being passionate is not the same thing. Well, they are similar, to me.

Anyways, I love watching TV-drama series, but I don’t really have anything to be passionate about. Well, thinking about the word passionate, I don’t really know. I mean, I like/love watching Drama series but I am not passionate about them. I really think I need to find a hobby that I can be passionate about.

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